Friday, March 30, 2007

Mommy Love Note

So it was Thursday and time to do a layout about one of my children. I had put aside these pictures of my daughter in my RTG file with an entirely different patterned paper some time ago. I had bought this adorable Basic Grey paper with space ships all over it - really cute. When i laid it down next to the photos on Thursday i thought - ew - nope - that isn't going to do at all. It just was too busy for the photos and not the feeling i had in mind at all. And this is ok in my book. Even though i had ever intention of using that paper for this layout i realized it wasn't going to do. Refile paper and pull out something else. Again it was Basic Grey. But something that complimented the photos and not the idea behind them. Incidentally these pics are from 1998 - a trip downtown to the Smithsonian Air & Space museum (yes, we are very lucky to live so close to such amazing places to visit - Washington DC is a treasure trove of fun things to do for kids and adults). It was Space Day or something - and my daughter got to try on a real space suit - she looked so darned cute. Anyway these pictures are from an "event" however when i look at them - and when i went to make a scrapbook page about them - i had more of a "moments" thing in mind. I don't know of another way to label it - "moments". It is one of those terms that gets bandied about when scrapbooking is discussed. A lot of layouts with one photo and one word or short phrase. And i have to admit sometimes the ones i've seen in magazines had a phoney feeling for me. It just isn't me. Those of you who know me well know how much i detest the "explore, dream, discover" thing - the worst for me is "journey". How i hate that word. Almost as much as "awesome" but i digress. I want my scrapbooks to be me - and real. So i don't do too much of the moments thing. I am proud and happy to scrapbook events. But you know it IS all good. So when i took a look at these pictures of my daughter i thought - look at little miss confidence. You can just do anything you set your mind to cantcha? And truly she can. So - a moments layout was born. But i hate that moments connotation so i guess its more of a Mommy Love Note. When she looks at this page (in the near future or in years to come) she will know that I think she is amazing - that she has this tremendous I-can-do-anything confidence - and i know she'll be a success at whatever she chooses. And that is something i think might come in handy for her to remember on occasion when life gets tough.
Ok - friday is pets or special projects. Hmmmmmm

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Will said...

I think the scrap pages are great. I think anytime a child knows their parents are there for them and will support them, that is a platform from which greatness is launched. (tried to stay in the space theme here.)