Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the how i'm gonna get this done part

the tricky part.
i have boxes of pictures
tons of photos.
way back - over 10 years ago - my sister had a fire in her house.
and she lost a lot of photos. precious photos of her son.
one of a kind photos
it set me on a tear about organizing my photos back then.
i went thru the house and found every package of photos.
and believe me they were everywhere.
don't ask me why but i never had put them in one place.
we were busy - two little kids. pics got looked at and put down
then swept up in some cleaning frenzy of mine.
anyway my photos are pretty much organized.
at least the ones i've taken are organized. I've kept up with that organization since then.
then there is another box that is just full of all kinds of other photos
but they are all together at least
so right now here's my plan of attack to get going on my scrapbooking.
number one - create this blog
(that's accountablity - i need to have that - it's part of my personality i guess. i need to say i'm gonna do this and here it is everybody so keep a look out)
number two: set up a schedule of some kind so i can look at it everyday and say ok - what am i doing today.
I'm a list kinda girl.
i work off lists every day.
And i LIVE to cross things off the list.
So the schedule is kinda like my list.
I have a loose schedule i think i can keep to.
By loose i mean - if something comes up in my life that has to get done - well that comes first.
I will make time to do this every day but things happen and i'm not going to beat myself up about missing a day or not getting to cross off something.
You following me?
Bottom line is i want to enjoy this but i also want to get something accomplished.
I took a look at what i want to do and basically here's my outline of a schedule
Monday - Planning
Monday, in general is my catch up day around here. I run a lot of errands and such. If i do a little planning to work on things the rest of the week i believe i can get it done. Planning would include picking out what i'm going to work on the rest of the week and making sure i've got supplies to do it. Making copies of pictures if needed. Pulling paper and embellishments and putting them in my ready to go file. That kind of thing.
Tuesday - Me
pages about myself. i have pictures - believe it or not - of myself. i really should work on all those college photos for example :-)
Wednesday - Family/Husband
I have a lot of photos hanging around of all of us - my kids and husband. This is more my family album stuff. Trips we've taken, just everyday stuff. And my husband has lots of photos he's brought home from work - he's been given a lot of awards and things - or his trips that are just sitting around gathering dust. They need to get in an album
Thursday - My Kids
I could work for a month and everyday be a Thursday and not make a dent in pics of them! But i need to get working on baby albums (yes, i never did that!) and catch up on their school albums
Friday - Pets
Even though i have only the two cats - they're my babies and i've got tons of photos of them. I imagine Fridays might end up being a sort of catch all day if this schedule works - i will eventually catch up on their photos and they'd i'd be free to use the time otherwise
Saturday - Heritage
I'll use the term Heritage loosely here. I've got photos of my father and his parents - very old that are definitely heritage. But i'd also use this heading to cover photos of my siblings and parents - old photos from my growing up. I would also be scanning a lot of these old, one of a kind photos - the kind there are no longer negatives available - on this day. I really need to get going on that. I would like to have them scanned to make copies for my sisters and also as a preventative measure. Some of the really old ones that were my grandmothers pictures are 100 years old
Sunday - Miscellaneous
as the name implies. whatever i feel like working on

Like i said its a loose schedule but it is one - and i need that. I'll tinker with a little after i get going if it needs it.
I know it sounds ambitious but like i said its a vehicle to get things accomplished. If things get busy then the next available day i will look at the schedule and say ok - what can i work on today? and i won't be spending a lot of time trying to figure out WHAT to work on.
Oh yeah - my ready to go file - this is key.
When i sit down to work - that planning on Monday should have yielded items that were put in that ready to go file. I will have already pulled out stuff to work on. So i'll just dip into that file - and i'll be ready to go
Sounds good right?
Oh yeah - i'll post what i do. I am not sure if i'll post them here or have a link to flickr or some place like that - still checking that out. But you'll see the results. That's that accountablity thing.
Right now I've got my ready to go - already in progress. So i think we'll get started tomorrow. That's Thursday - my kids. good topic
See you tomorrow!


Will said...

I'm ready and waiting. I think it is awesome that you are going to do this. I'll love it.

Babsarella said...

Love your plan and all your ideas! I need to follow suit. Too many photos and not enough time, but somehow I need to make the time!