Monday, March 19, 2007

Not something everone aspires to

being Suzy Scrapbooker.
I think the name has taken on a bad connotation
Not me.
I set out years ago to scrapbook my pictures.
I had seen wonderful magazines and knew people who made these cool looking new kinda scrapbooks.
i said - that's for me.
i have a bazillion pictures.
Pictures of my children.
Pictures of me as a child.
Pictures of my siblings.
Pictures from my grandparents.
I wanted to do this.
Write down all the stories i knew.
The ones that were getting forgotten.
My grandparents are long gone.
My father died and as he was an only child - a lot of his stories died with him.
Then my brother died.
He was the real story teller in the family. He was the oldest and knew all our family stories better than anyone.
And my children - well i was afraid they'd forget him.
So I set out to scrapbook.
And i got very engaged in all of the wonderful products and magazines and books and...
i didn't do a whole lot of scrapbooking.
I've done some
but not near enough.
I bet.... no, I know i'm not the only one in the same boat.
Now i'm not blaming any magazine or manufacturer for my lack of progress.
I'll say they were enablers :-)
But the blame falls on me.
And a busy life.
But i'm here to say i would love to be suzy scrapbooker.
Just your regular old garden variety scrapbooker who is actually getting some scrapbooking accomplished.
And the kind of scrapbooking that i want to do.
More on that next... the kind i want to do and the purpose of this little blog place :-)

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