Monday, March 26, 2007

the weekend was a bust

as far as scrapbooking was concerned.
Are you all laughing at my grand schedule and how i haven't kept up?
well i was going to panic and say - Hey Suzy, this isn't working!
You said Saturday was Heritage - and you didn't do any of that
(well actually i was doing a lot of cleaning on Saturday and uncovered some photos my darling husband just set aside - not with all the rest of our photos - and they were definitely what i would call Heritage :-) Pics of his parents as children. Adorable wonderful copies of the originals one of his sisters had given us. So yeah that's Heritage and they need to get out of the manila envelope they are in. Check that! And put in an album.)
Then Sunday was Miscellaneous - and gosh was it ever - i did everything but any scrapbooking!
So like i said i was about to panic and then i thought -
No - that isn't what this is about.
I'm not going to beat myself up for not getting any scrapbooking done.
I have my schedule and when time permits, I'm going to follow it to facilitate my scrapbooking.
But i have a life - and sometimes it doesn't permit me to do what i'd like to do.
But when i do have time - I won't go wasting all of it.
I'll check my schedule and see what is on the agenda for the day and go from there.
ahh... that feels better :-)
So today is Monday - you know what that means
(for those of you that are old enough - does this remind you of the Mickey Mouse Club - I'm talking the original Mickey Mouse club with Annette, Cubby, Roy.. )
Monday is planning - so i'll go through my file and see what i've got semi-ready so tomorrow, and the rest of the week, time permitting, i'll get some scrapping done.
Have a good day!

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