Friday, March 23, 2007

better late than never :-)

okay so i'm a little late with posting this.
I went to take a picture of it this morning (kinda conked out early last nite) and apparently i had unplugged my camera and it wasn't charged.
Then i had to wait for it to charge.
small sigh.

by the way i'm not going to be scanning pics of layouts.
scanning and then merging etc - too time consuming and definitely not suzy's purpose here.
the purpose again is to get moving and start scrapbooking
with no real concerns about what is hot and what is not
maybe using up some of my considerable storehouse of supplies
and tools
Now normally i would never use the colors i did on this layout of my daughter and driveway chalk drawings. And i bet there was a time i would have never used the patterned paper i did. It's this paper that looks like a driveway with chalk drawings.But one day i came upon that paper in the store and i thought hey that would go very nicely with those pictures. No real need for anything else. its decoration enough. I filed the paper with the pics.
I went to the ready to go file - everything is in large ziploc bags - and these pictures of her was the first available bag with pics my kids (it was Thursday).
So i pulled everything out of the bag and realized i still needed to pick out some cardstock. So i started looking through the cardstock and initially thought - no i don't have what i need. DING! Wrong answer. If i am going to get things done i really need to stop the perfection thing. You know what i'm talking about - theeeee perfect paper and theeee perfect cardstock color and theeee perfect embellishments. Nope. No more. Uh-uh
I remembered something i read in one of my favorite scrapbooking books - by Rebecca Sower. The book is Scrapbooking Life's Little Treasures
here's a link on Amazon for you
She talks about "making do" and how she never gets bothered about having the exact shade of cardstock. "It's likely that when you're searching for that perfect shade of blue, at least two dozen other colors or shades will work beautifully".
Now that one stuck with me. Initially i thought - what are you crazy? I was a graphic design major in school. It's all about the color for me. Putting together colors etc.
But, in the grand scheme of things
- remembering my Suzy goals -
i thought you know - she's right.
Who is my audience here?
My daughter.
Will she care?
Not a speck (with this particular child, artist that she is, believe me, she won't care. It's just not her nature. )
So i looked through my stash and i picked the blue and the orange -
a lovely shade of cantaloupe
and orange is my daughter's favorite color.
so there you have it.
Now lets see if i can meet a goal for today

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Babsarella said...

Excellent start to your scrapbooking and love the pages! I remember reading that in the RS book too, but I can't picture her not having the right shade. I know, I have so much stuff, how could I not have the right shade either?!!