Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to fix those not-so-good pictures

does anyone know?
Oh you thought I was going to tell YOU?!
First of all - 21 years ago there were no digital cameras (at least not that I know of). I was using a Pentax - not anything automatic and I really hadn't a clue what I was doing. Sort of a hit or miss affair. Back then - I just wanted to take the pictures and for the most part i did ok. These are evidence of my lack of skill with that camera however I have photos and that's what I cared about.
When i pulled out these pictures they looked decidedly Christmas-y.
And they are not Christmas pictures.
My husband's Aunt had sent this adorable bear to my son as a gift. And I had good intentions of taking photos of our son every month (after receiving it) with the bear to chart our son's growth - seeing as the bear was so large I thought it would be funny to see when our son actually overtook him - sizewise (of course if you'll notice in the photos, my dear son had some major double chins goin on - gawd the child was adorable - if you only knew what he looked like now you'd fully appreciate the irony - think very slim). Anyway that didn't happen - the monthly photo taking - but I do have these photos (and some others with the bear that you'll see soon).
And they looked like Christmas. Until I decided to pair the photos with this paper by KI Memories and some Bazzill cardstock. I wanted to take the Christmas out so i opted for blues and greens. And actually i think it worked. The alpha stickers are also KI.
That's all for today folks. Go make a page!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

First Halloween

Now i'm actually to the first Halloween (and folks - this would mean my son was 4 months old - I've got a lot of stuff to do huh? LOL)
I am happy with this one - the pictures kinda just fell into place and I just needed to add some paper and a little journaling. I used some Doodlebug paper and cardstock, a Hero Arts stitching stamp, some black ink, my Martha Stewart writing pen and a little ribbon. The alpha stamps are, once again, from Purple Onion Designs - this time Garamouche Small. Oh and a little bit of ribbon on the tag. And I did use a small circle punch for the reinforcement on the tag. The only thing I think I would think about adding is maybe some more of that stitching stamp on the borders at top or bottom. I didn't do it because lining it up to go across the page was more effort than I wanted to expend LOL. I could just as easily use my sewing machine to get the same job done with a lot less effort.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Father Son Talk and Classic products

You may have noticed I've been using a particular color scheme for this album of my son's baby pictures. Not really a conscious choice on my part. More of a manufacturer's decision. Most of the baby stuff out there for sale is in some form or other of pastel shades. It varies slightly from year to year - some years there is an influx of the hot color combinations - but they are always pastelled down (i made that word up LOL - but you know what i mean). And actually all the papers I'd bought over the years I liked just fine. I bought them right? But you do notice that is what people expect to find for baby stuff - I have noticed some primary colored items but for the most part - pastel. And it can get a little boring. I pulled out theese photos of my husband and son and thought - no Making Memory boy paper for this layout. It just won't work. BUT... some Making Memories Kid Collection Embellishment Paper - Sam - will be just right! No I'm not a shill for Making Memories but I am a huge fan. I think they have made some of the nicest scrapbooking products ever. The word Classic comes to mind. How much more classic can you get than the paper I used in this layout? It will always look good - and on a variety of layouts. I also threw on some of their buttons (of which i have a huge supply) - I like buttons. And i was in desperate need of something to fill that space. The title is stamped using (another of what i consider classic) Purple Onion Designs Garamouche Medium. I used a Martha Stewart writing pen for the journaling - I keep forgetting to mention these wondeful little pens! Get some. They're great- and they come in a ton of colors (make sure if you're looking for the writing pen you don't pick up the permanent marker - totally different tip!) And of course then there are the photos. I just love these pictures of my husband and son.

Friday, October 26, 2007

scrapbook therapy

Things have been busy around here but i decided i needed to get back to my scrapbooking. Making pages can be almost therapeutic. You kind of forget what is going on about you and just concentrate on what you're making. I bet you know what I mean.
I went back to where i left off with the baby pictures and picked up the next 2 photos and put them on a page. I used that Making Memories boy paper, some cardstock, my scallop circle punch and my circle cutter from Creative Memories, as well as the Garamouche alpha from Purple Onion Designs.
Oh and guess what - i actually completed 2 more layouts this week. I'll post them tomorrow and Sunday - how's that! Hope you're getting some pages done!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jumping Around

Chronologically speaking - jumping around.
I had been talking about these dinosaur Halloween costume pictures on Small Smackerels. I had the photos out and thought - why not. Just cos I've been working on the baby pictures doesn't mean I can't skip ahead, whilst I'm in the mood, and scrapbook these right?
I hunted through my supplies and found some paper and stickers. I even found some twistel! Remember that?
It's not the greatest layout but i like it enough. Cute colors, papers etc. The minute i started to agonize that the little trick or treat tag as well as the title were "floating" i said to myself - who the heck cares? did i really care? No. Deep down i didn't. This isn't some graphic design project or a design team entry. It's a scrapbook page. One day, I like to think my son and his future wife (whomever she might be) will look at it and say - gee our son really looks like his dad. (or something like that). Or maybe they'll say - we gotta get Mom to make our son a costume for Halloween this year!
The point is my son and future generations will have these cute photos to look at and reminisce about and that's what it's all about. Isn't it?
For the record:
Patterned Paper - Creative Imaginations
Stickers: All stickers are by Doodlebug except the thin black and white stripe border stickers which I got from Creative Memories (maybe they're Mrs. Grossman's huh?)
Twistel and Brads are from Making Memories.
Bat Stamp is a foam stamp from Making Memories - it may be hard to see but the black cardstock is stamped using the bat stamp and Versamark.
Getting back to "jumping around"....
I'm more of a chronological scrapbooker. I know many people are - I'd even say most people work on scrapbooks in this manner. And ya know I tried to get into the Simple-Scrapbooks-Stacey-Julian thought process about forgetting the dates and working on themes (that's a simplistic explanation). I even thought about trying her Library Of Memories Class - which sounds really wonderful. I know someone who did indeed take the course and they really spoke extremely highly of it. I have both of Stacey Julian's books: Simple Scrapbooks and the newer Big Picture Scrapbooking. I really enjoyed them both. I guess bottom line, it's just not for me. I like scrapbooking all my photos. I don't mind (anymore) that I have a bazillion photos to scrap. Eventually (God-willing) I'll make the scrapbooks for those photos. I have taken what I learned from those books and incorporated them into my own process and that's okay, right?

Thought I'd check in

i wish i could say i've gotten some scrapping done.
I do have a layout on my drawing table right now which is almost complete.
It's been a while since I've had a layout on my table this long - pretty much all week. I was actually cranking out a steady stream for a while there.
I'm hoping to finish that one up today and then maybe work on some Ready-to-go files.
The RTG works great if you actually have small chunks of time to work on getting the items pulled together. And time has been at a premium lately. Lots of the spare time I've had lately has had to go into other creative endeavors (see Small Smackerels ). And with the holiday season coming up I know I'll have to start working on Christmas cards. But I'd really like to continue with my son's baby/childhood albums (if I ever plan to get to my daughter's!). We'll see. Hope you all are making headway in your scrappin. And if we all have to take a break on it lets all solemnly swear we won't beat ourselves up about it!

Friday, October 5, 2007

merry-hearted boys

some cute happy pics of my merry-hearted boy when he was just 3 or 4 months old.
how do you like those chins?
it's so funny to look at these pics and know this kid now - he's so slim and has these wonderful cheekbones and strong jaw. but then again such a cute baby would have to grow into a handsome man. the best man (other than his dad of course).
it's hard to see but the quote is
"it's the merry-hearted boys that make the best men"
Ingredients: assorted buttons (i think all Making Memories brand), embroidery thread, KI Memories paper and some eyelets

Thursday, October 4, 2007

what a face

now ya see in person, you'd be able to see the photos on this one - they're really sweet. he was (and is) adorable. but most of the photos have a lot of shadow. you may be able to see better by clicking on the image i just am not sure.
Regardless - more Making Memories baby boy paper (every time i use it i kick myself for not picking up the pack for girls!) some brads and those cute Doodlebug cardstock tag alpha stickers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Who's that in the mirror?

A fast page with pictures of my son loving his little mirror. I remember getting a kick out of watching him look at himself - wondering at what point he'd realize it was himself he was lookin at.
More of that cute Making Memories baby boy paper as well as Quickutz CK Handprint for the title

Monday, October 1, 2007

sorry my fellow suzy's

life around here has been so crazy.
certainly no scrapbooking going on (GASP!)
i do have some pages i need to post.
hopefully tomorrow.
lately i've had time to keep up Small Smackerels
but not Suzy postings. I'm gonna try harder this week!
This is, however, what real scrapbooking is about though now isn't it?
Fitting it in when you have time and actually enjoying it while you're doing it.
When i was working in the scrapbook store I would often tell frustrated scrapbookers - if it's making you crazy, you're doing it wrong.
I really believe it.
Scrapbooking can be what you make it -
  • very elaborate with tons of embellishments
  • simple design
  • photo corners and labels with names and dates
  • journaling
  • no journaling
  • chronological or not
  • a store house for matchbooks, ticket stubs, maps and bar napkins ;-)

but it shouldn't be anxiety producing.

so that's where i'm at right now - on hold - til i can fit a few layouts in here and there.

hopefully i'll return tomorrow with some of those layouts i've already got photographed.