Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Father Son Talk and Classic products

You may have noticed I've been using a particular color scheme for this album of my son's baby pictures. Not really a conscious choice on my part. More of a manufacturer's decision. Most of the baby stuff out there for sale is in some form or other of pastel shades. It varies slightly from year to year - some years there is an influx of the hot color combinations - but they are always pastelled down (i made that word up LOL - but you know what i mean). And actually all the papers I'd bought over the years I liked just fine. I bought them right? But you do notice that is what people expect to find for baby stuff - I have noticed some primary colored items but for the most part - pastel. And it can get a little boring. I pulled out theese photos of my husband and son and thought - no Making Memory boy paper for this layout. It just won't work. BUT... some Making Memories Kid Collection Embellishment Paper - Sam - will be just right! No I'm not a shill for Making Memories but I am a huge fan. I think they have made some of the nicest scrapbooking products ever. The word Classic comes to mind. How much more classic can you get than the paper I used in this layout? It will always look good - and on a variety of layouts. I also threw on some of their buttons (of which i have a huge supply) - I like buttons. And i was in desperate need of something to fill that space. The title is stamped using (another of what i consider classic) Purple Onion Designs Garamouche Medium. I used a Martha Stewart writing pen for the journaling - I keep forgetting to mention these wondeful little pens! Get some. They're great- and they come in a ton of colors (make sure if you're looking for the writing pen you don't pick up the permanent marker - totally different tip!) And of course then there are the photos. I just love these pictures of my husband and son.

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June Houck said...

I don't remember that paper, but of course you are is perfect for these pics with Joe's shirt, but it will also flow nicely with previous pages since the pastel blue is in there too. Love the buttons and the PO font. These are wonderful pics :)