Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jumping Around

Chronologically speaking - jumping around.
I had been talking about these dinosaur Halloween costume pictures on Small Smackerels. I had the photos out and thought - why not. Just cos I've been working on the baby pictures doesn't mean I can't skip ahead, whilst I'm in the mood, and scrapbook these right?
I hunted through my supplies and found some paper and stickers. I even found some twistel! Remember that?
It's not the greatest layout but i like it enough. Cute colors, papers etc. The minute i started to agonize that the little trick or treat tag as well as the title were "floating" i said to myself - who the heck cares? did i really care? No. Deep down i didn't. This isn't some graphic design project or a design team entry. It's a scrapbook page. One day, I like to think my son and his future wife (whomever she might be) will look at it and say - gee our son really looks like his dad. (or something like that). Or maybe they'll say - we gotta get Mom to make our son a costume for Halloween this year!
The point is my son and future generations will have these cute photos to look at and reminisce about and that's what it's all about. Isn't it?
For the record:
Patterned Paper - Creative Imaginations
Stickers: All stickers are by Doodlebug except the thin black and white stripe border stickers which I got from Creative Memories (maybe they're Mrs. Grossman's huh?)
Twistel and Brads are from Making Memories.
Bat Stamp is a foam stamp from Making Memories - it may be hard to see but the black cardstock is stamped using the bat stamp and Versamark.
Getting back to "jumping around"....
I'm more of a chronological scrapbooker. I know many people are - I'd even say most people work on scrapbooks in this manner. And ya know I tried to get into the Simple-Scrapbooks-Stacey-Julian thought process about forgetting the dates and working on themes (that's a simplistic explanation). I even thought about trying her Library Of Memories Class - which sounds really wonderful. I know someone who did indeed take the course and they really spoke extremely highly of it. I have both of Stacey Julian's books: Simple Scrapbooks and the newer Big Picture Scrapbooking. I really enjoyed them both. I guess bottom line, it's just not for me. I like scrapbooking all my photos. I don't mind (anymore) that I have a bazillion photos to scrap. Eventually (God-willing) I'll make the scrapbooks for those photos. I have taken what I learned from those books and incorporated them into my own process and that's okay, right?


June Houck said...

I love this layout! The paper is super cute, as are your title and tag. Good for you breaking out the twistel! I have some myself; mostly lots of yellow if you ever need some :)
I love your use of the orange twistel. It has a very fall/halloween feel to it. Such a small embellie can add so much to the feel of a layout.

Sue McGettigan said...

Such a cute layout, love the Dino costume! I'm strictly NOT a chrono scrapper - I prefer to jump on photos that move me at the moment and work with that passion :) That's why I use the page protector / binder system instead of fixed pages ...