Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thought I'd check in

i wish i could say i've gotten some scrapping done.
I do have a layout on my drawing table right now which is almost complete.
It's been a while since I've had a layout on my table this long - pretty much all week. I was actually cranking out a steady stream for a while there.
I'm hoping to finish that one up today and then maybe work on some Ready-to-go files.
The RTG works great if you actually have small chunks of time to work on getting the items pulled together. And time has been at a premium lately. Lots of the spare time I've had lately has had to go into other creative endeavors (see Small Smackerels ). And with the holiday season coming up I know I'll have to start working on Christmas cards. But I'd really like to continue with my son's baby/childhood albums (if I ever plan to get to my daughter's!). We'll see. Hope you all are making headway in your scrappin. And if we all have to take a break on it lets all solemnly swear we won't beat ourselves up about it!

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