Wednesday, March 28, 2007

School Pictures

sorry for the delay on posting yesterdays entry. i had a little technical problem. no matter.
I was going through a ton of photos my mother had given me a while back. Spent part of Monday and Tuesday scanning about 40 of them into my computer. It's not even a small dent in the pile but it's something I want to do for a few reasons. Many of the photos are very old. From the 1920's and some even older. Some of the pictures are newer but not very good quality (think early Polaroids) or are bent or torn. The ones that are a little damaged or fading - it just seems wise to do this so they are preserved. I'd also like to give each of my sisters a cd of the photos. I know they'd like having copies.
The scanning is very time consuming however. I can fit usually 4 photos on my scanner at a time but each photo needs its own entry if you will. I've created little files to cover each category (one for each family member, one for photos that show my siblings and me together - that kind of thing) and i will periodically save them to the external hard drive i got for Christmas. (I'd tried this scanning old photos before only to have all that time and work disappear into the void when i had a computer problem).
I picked some school photos of me to work on Tuesday. There don't seem to be too many so i decided one page would do it. At the top there's a handwritten title but what you can't see is that it opens up and there is a significant amount of journaling underneath. I used a piece of Foofala paper for the background, some Heidi Swapp journaling spots (i love those things) to label each photo and for the title block I used the antique ledger background stamp from Purple Onion Designs (kinda gives a library card look to it) and a pen.
Today is Wednesday so the topic is Family/Husband. I have some things to do this morning so I hope to work on that this afternoon. Maybe i'll have a chance to post something tonight.


michelleinfantino said...

making progress--very cool. Like the journaling spots paired with the paper--completes the whole school type feel.

so---i love the spots too but those darn things tend to curl on me. i've used tombow and they still curl. what the heck are you using to put those puppies in their place?? tia.

Babsarella said...

FANTASTIC, and oh weren't you just the cutest!!! Love the page and photos!!! I must start using that ledger stamp!!! What a perfect way to showcase this must make sure Michele sees this!