Monday, April 2, 2007

Suzy's Spring Break and Suzy meets Martha (well sorta)

Recap since last Suzy posted:
last Friday i did work on scanning a nice bunch of photos in - the pics had family dogs (that covered the pets on the schedule HA!) and heritage photos (photos of my father as a little boy, my parents on their wedding day among others - that counts for Saturday) and in the meantime i've been working on a little project - a swap with some very good friends (my charms are coming along girls :-))
BUT technically this week, where Suzy lives, it is Spring Break -and it's my daughter's 16th birthday to boot! So we have a number of things we have to accomplish this week and adventures to embark upon :-) My scrapping will fit in when and if it can.
Today one such adventure was going to an eye dr apppointment then we got to make a trip to Michaels for some things both Suzy and her daughter needed. We found our items and went to the checkout. And it was there i saw it. It, being this little bag stuffer ad for MARTHA STEWART CRAFTS.
You probably don't know this but Suzy Scrapbooker adores Martha Stewart! Yes, I do. Martha is wonderful in my book and has always been. I've been watching Martha for forever. BAck to her PBS days. Perhaps its because Martha and Suzy both are from New Jersey? well, it's possible. But i think it's more likely because Martha and Suzy like pretty things. And we both like to make things.
If you look closely at the ad it shows an open scrapbook - with just the minimum of items - the pictures and a minor item to embellish it. And off to the side there is, what one could surmise, memorablia that could go in the scrapbook. OH I'M EXCITED! I can only imagine Martha is going to set the scrapbook world on its end - if the ad is any indication. Perhaps get scrapbooking back to what it once was - a place to save your memories. Wow - what a concept. I am going to guess that at least. She might have some papers, adhesive, photo corners, items to hold memorabilia. But it will all be pretty, functional and not over the top.
Very Suzy-friendly.
That's my guess and my hope.
And what store better to introduce her products than Michaels.
As far as scrapbooking goes, Michaels has carried some items - not the scrapbook fanatic's place to shop - definitely more Suzy-friendly. Just your basic items to get you started and that is a fine thing. But with Martha on board - well who knows.
I will be at Michael's at the end of the month to check it all out - rest assured.


Babsarella said...

Oh yes, I saw this too and was quite interested to see what fun things would be goin on in M's. Maybe some new products and demos. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Can Do Suzy Q !! So I get the link to the blog & I think I started with the older posts. This is fabulous! I know we talked about the scrap madness, before...but girlie, I swear,your reading my mind, here! Great blog! btw, i'm a list & martha gal, too! Keep up the super inspiration, here!! Love it!
Lisa Renea

KraftyKerilou said...

Hey there! Isn't this Martha stuff too exciting? I remember her announcing it right after her show started, and that has been a while. Now it is finally coming to fruition! Can't wait! Glad to see you are being so successful with your creating. Did a new one myself this inspire me! LOL Keri