Wednesday, April 11, 2007


here's the layout i did yesterday - it was Tuesday so it was about me
I found a picture of me as a little girl.
I got to thinking as I worked on this about why these pictures of me really mean so much.
Obviously they bring me back and I enjoy the trip down memory lane.
However I've always enjoyed looking at photos. Older ones seem so much more precious.
Way back in the day, when i was a little girl, my grandfather was the photographer. He had a 35mm camera with a lovely brown leather case. I don't think I can remember a Sunday where he didn't bring that camera with him to take photos of us. My father was an only child so we were the complete objects of my grandparents affections. As it should be don't you think?
Anyway, he took tons of pictures of us as well as ones of he and my grandmother on vacations etc. He must have been the one who took photos of my dad - I have some wonderful ones. But photo taking back then - well it seemed different then. It was a big deal. Nowadays we document every single burp our children make (not a bad thing - just an observation). I remember my grandfather taking our photos a lot but it seemed different. Nowadays people don't think a thing about taking hundreds of photos on a vacation. They just didn't do that back then. So the pictures are much more precious perhaps because there weren't as many photos taken? I don't know. I am just grateful my Pop-Pop took this photo of me. He really captured a sweet little moment here - me with my bike showing off my new horn! Such a little tomboy.
So what did i use?
I used a Making Memories perspectives (cardstock precut mats - well really its a piece of cardstock with a hole cut out for the photo - i have a variety package of these and they're really great. this particular one is for one photo but the package contains a variety to use on pages up to 6 photos.)
I backed it with a piece of red cardstock so it looks double matted.
I also used some Making Memories chipboard letters - easy and quick to use and makes a nice impact. (I just used my jumbo Zig 2 way glue pen to adhere them)
Stitched around the mat and the journaling block
Added 2 embellishments I found squirreled away - both given to me by my friend nursemichelle (you can visit her at - hi michelle!) some time ago. She made the adorable heart clip (she's talented isn't she?) and the little stamp was a good color and I thought a nice compliment subject matter wise (girl on horse - girl on bike)
Today I have to veer off schedule and work on a special project - which is normally a Friday thing. I promised my sister I'd make an album she can give as a gift to a very special friend and it needs to get finished and mailed by Friday. Rest assured I will share what I make.


michelleinfantino said...

well, i'll be darned. i forgot all about those clips.

lookin good tracy!

i'm going to a crop over the weekend and i just can't wait to get something accomplished!

KraftyKerilou said...

From one tomboy to another, great work!! I love reading your posts!!