Monday, April 9, 2007

Catching up

Spring break is over and we're back to business around here
It seems when there are vacations, there is a lot of picture taking.
Over the break we took a little excursion (translation: picture taking opportunity)
And there was a birthday (translation: another photo opportunity)
With all these photos being taken i got to thinking about all my scrapbooking in general.
I have a bazillion photos to put in scrapbooks in some way, shape or form.
All that thinking and photo taking gets you into the
"Will i ever get caught up?" mode

When i worked in a scrapbook store this talking about "catching up" was very prevalent among customers frequenting the store.
I heard the CU phrase used in many ways (grammatical tenses and otherwise)
"I'm all caught up" said quite proudly
"I'll never catch up" said with disgust
"I was all caught up but then....." said in an excusatory manner
I am normally of the school which says being caught up isn't the be and end all of everything.
If you're enjoying making the scrapbooks, you should let yourself off the hook.
Just continue to work on pages, save those memories, blah di blah
I really do believe being all caught up isn't necessarily the point
But, sitting here, with piles of photos and memorabilia surrounding me -
I'm thinkin it wouldn't be so bad

I'm off to upload the photos I took yesterday at the Easter dinner with family and order a few to be developed. I can work in those photos to be scrapped on Wednesday (the family/Husband day). Perhaps by working my schedule - which allows me to scrap all kinds of topics each week (to prevent boredom if nothing else) I can work the old stuff and the new and somehow reach the fantasy-land of "All Caught Up" one day.

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