Thursday, April 19, 2007


Huge subject of scrapbooks - birthdays - well, at least my scrapbooks.
I suspect its fairly typical in most scrapbooks.
One of those events that must be documented.
For every birthday, I take pictures of the birthday girl/boy, the cake, presents.
The usual I guess.
When the kids were younger we'd take pictures at their birthday parties.
I'd make sure to get shots of the guests, the cake, the presents.
Maybe capture a few of the games or activities at the party.
All kind of typical. I spose maybe someone would think - how boring.
But I don't. I really enjoy looking at those birthday pictures.
I love making the birthday party pages.
Birthdays are a big deal.
And the pictures and pages - well think about it like this:
Birthdays are probably THE only time you don't forget your camera.
Who doesn't take a picture of their kid blowing out the birthday candles?
And since you have that shot - the obligatory cake and candle shot - that's a little timeline you are creating for that person.
You'll always have that birthday picture.
And what they look like on that special day.
I suppose you could say the same about the first day of school picture
or the actual yearly school portrait
But the birthday picture -
It's always special.
Cos it's that person's special day.
And there is always a special smile - a real one - in those birthday pictures.
Anyway - here's the most recent birthday page I've done.
Actually I just finished it about 10 minutes ago.
And it took about that long to make - even better!
I used another one of those Making Memories Perspectives, my sewing machine and my Quickutz (this time the Zoe font).
Oh i forgot to mention - i inevitably make a pocket somewhere on the birthday pages - to hold the birthday cards. (I'm a packrat - I never throw out a birthday card).
The pocket this time is on the left hand side of this page.
I laid down a sheet of white cardstock - positioned the photos on it - placed the perspectives mat over the top and sewed down the right and left sides as well as between the two groups of photos . The perpective mat already had the large photo sewn to it.
I may actually get some more pages made today as this one went so quickly!


Will said...

I love looking at my old birthday pictures. I can remember my grandma and Poppa (I'm named after him) coming over. She had this camera with the flash cube, totally cool. Ours just had the tall tower of flash cubes.

My Mom always had Clara, her chief baker at the hospital, make my cake. She made whatever I wanted and never complained. I usually chose farm cakes, loved the idea of living on a farm. My Poppa always sat right by me and kept his arm around me most of the night. He totally loved just watching me have a birthday.

Veronica said...

"Suzy" - my DS jusrned 9 yesterday, so I'm in birthday mode, so this Lo is so timely. Thanks for the simple inspiration.

Will - your comment evokes great memories!