Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday - Family Husband

I will probably return a little later to post something for today specifically but i'd promised to show some stuff i've been making. I need to do a few errands this morning so I'll post this one now and come on back later

I made this one about my (paternal) grandmother. I have more to tell about her but this was the first page with 3 photos of me and my older siblings. I used some Chatterbox paper that i love and stitched it. I also added 2 ribbons - on on top of the other and created a loop at the top which i kinda like. And finally i added some drawings of my own to illustrate. This for me was essential as my grandmother liked to adorn letters to me with her drawings. Whenever I find myself thinking about her i seem to draw the same little drawings: ones with strawberries, pudding, and smiling flowers in pots - all things that mean Mom-Mom to me. She was a wonderful grandmother. Oh yeah - i also used my quickutz index tab die. And the drawings were done with pen, ink and colored pencils (prismacolors natch)

I decided I will be doing more of my own little drawings in my scrapbooking. Seems much more me than anything else.

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Donna said...

This is just the most perfect layout. It makes me feel happy and warm inside just looking at it and reading it. Mom-Mom was so beautiful. When a woman is that beautiful once they are older, you know they were a knock-out in their youth. As Mom-Mom was. The way you've used the whole page and balanced it so well is enviable. The journaling looks so good. Now, for the drawings. Such a cool addition and it's leaving such a real and important part of yourself with the kids. I vote you do this on a lot more layouts for sure. Man, I wish I could draw so beautifully. How fun it would be.