Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

yes, i've been among the missing - suzy did get in a little scrapbooking over the past week but no blogging time. i'll be better i promise. Things happen and stuff to do is all.
However i couldn't let today pass by to check in and hope y'all are celebrating the day by doing a little scrapbooking.
Me - well right now as i type here -
i've got QVC on in another window on my computer screen :-)
I'm not buying anything - i have enough stuff right now
(truly the understatement of the year - or many years)
but its fun to watch and there are always great ideas to be had.
Actually what i did right before i came up to my little scrap room here -
i was taking pictures
my daughter just got home from her all night cast party
(we went to see the final performance last night)
Her dad collected her from the party house - there is always one brave set of parents who host the party (and really they aren't that brave - these are a bunch of absolutely awesome kids who, at the most, might get a little loud - but they are the most amazing high school kids I've ever had the pleasure to meet - so not brave parents - perhaps lucky to live close enough to the school to host the party!) Anyhow he picked up our daughter and brought her home and she did what she does every time she comes home from one of these cast parties....
she heads to the family room couch
and falls asleep within 5 minutes.
The kid has been running on fumes for weeks (school and practice for the play has been keeping her running from 5:30 am when she gets up to at least 10:30 pm when she has gotten home)
so today is her sleep catch up day
and i always take a picture of this couch crash
cos i think it sums up this part of her life pretty well. :-)
(and not incidentally how we - her mom & dad - feel as well - we need a long nap too!)
so are you taking pics of things like this to remember these little moments?
I hope so - if you aren't - think about it, k?
Happy NSD kids!


KraftyKerilou said...

Happy NSD, Suzy!! I did yard work and leaf raking yesterday..Not a scrap of paper passed through my paws....Oh, well! Keri

Donna said...

Hey Suzy!
I want to see the page with that sleeping picture!