Thursday, May 10, 2007

still scrappin

just being a bad blogger
Actually in the last two weeks i've gotten a lot of pages done in between this and that.
What i need to do is take a few pics. I promise i'll do that for tomorrow
In the meantime - i did do a bit of scrapbooking on National Scrapbook Day. While i was cutting and gluing etc I watched QVC which was having a little scrapbooking day. Those are always fun to watch. I didnt buy anything which is a good thing. Still trying to whittle down my sizeable stash. The only thing i'm finding is that i'd like some cardstock.
I seem to use the same colors over and over.
And now i'm pretty much out of all my favorites.
I'll have to make do in the meantime - which may encouage a little more patterned paper useage. I adore patterned paper - not unlike most scrapbookers i know. I have found that while i love the paper I don't use much of it on my pages. I definitely use it on my cards. But the pages - not so much. I have tried to figure out why and the only thing i can come up with is - the paper fights too much with the kind of photos i take.
Like I've said before, I'm no photographer. I love to take pictures but have no inclination whatsoever to become a some faboo photographer. I'm recording moments with my photos. I don't want to get all caught up in the photo taking. I am happy to just point and shoot. And i don't want to pose anyone - other than lining up family members to fit them all in the shot!. There are times when I do closeups and attempt to get a better shot - but a lot of my photos have extraneous things. The things either get cropped out or they don't. And if they don't - well sometimes the things fight with the paper.
At least that's what i think is the problem.
And as problems go - that's pretty minor right?
see you tomorrow with some pics

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