Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday - Pocketbook Lover

So here's a page about me 'cos it's Tuesday.
I don't think I've ever done this many pages about myself - it's because I'm working that Schedule (over to your right - a day for each topic)
And that is really a great thing
Most of us never take the time to scrapbook anything about ourselves right?
Well, I haven't done much of that.
I've got a lifetime of photos to do (and while we won't mention my age, suffice it to say that's a lotta pictures!)
I had this picture of me at around 3-1/2 years old holding - no, more like holding on for dear life - my pocketbook. It just cracked me up - perfect evidence in photo form that I've always loved a purse. And i'm all dressed up in a pretty dress with a matching little jacket. (very much the fashion at the time for girls of all ages dontcha know - although i still don't know why i'm holding a black purse - it doesnt match and that was definitely not the fashion. My mother dressed us impeccably when we were little. We had hats, shoes, gloves, coats - the whole shebang. Perhaps she didnt deem it necessary to match the purse for the one occasion - whatever)
There's a lot of information in that one little picture for my kids but i did just focus on my pocketbook-love.
I would like to note here that the color is completely off in this scan. The cardstock has definitely a salmon cast to it - to go perfectly with my dress. I got lucky and had a piece in my stash that went quite nicely. I put two pieces of ribbon together side by side - it is pretty thin ribbon but the color was right. I used a Marvy punch i had to create the border - which, if you can see it, is reminiscent of the trim on my little jacket.
And lastly the pocketbook charm.
Maybe 3 years ago I was in a local bead store looking for - beads - and saw this little charm. I snapped it up the minute i saw it. I knew I would use it one day - most likely on a scrapbook page.
So - with the pocket book charm in mind - here's my advice for the day:
If you see something cute - inexpensive - and you know you'll use it one day:
Don't even think about it - buy it.
If you don't, you won't find it later - trust me.
Perhaps my taste is boring.
I prefer to think of it as classic. :-)
I don't have much in my stash of supplies that I wouldn't use today.
Or in 5 years from now.
So picking up something I knew I'd use - like this charm - is something i do on a regular basis. But again - I stay to the classic look that i love.
Not a lot of trendy stuff per se in my stash of shtuff.
Oh I forgot to mention the mat for the photo is my favorite Stampin Up floral background stamp. I stamped it slightly crooked.
Not on purpose i assure you.
But it is a true test of my perfectionist rehabilitation that it doesnt bother me in the least it is a little off.
My page is done - HA!
And also - the alphabet stamps are made by www.purpleoniondesigns.com (wow what a surprise huh?) - the name of them is Pink Flamingo. So cute!
ok....on to taking a few pictures of the layouts i've been doing the last week or so


Donna said...

I love the way your scrapping yourself. Your kids are going to love these best of all. I promise. You need to be sure and do plenty as you are now too. I guess I like the classic style too because the design of this LO is perfect. That little purse charm...too cute. I swear I could never stamp that straight in a million years. That's why I have a stamp-a-ma-jig. I would have ruined my one piece of salmon cardstock!

Sue McGettigan said...

How did I have no clue that you have this super-duper scrapping blog??? I live under a rock.

This is such an adorable pic, you were a total cutie (but we knew that :)and your outfit is divine. Dare I say that this gorgeous purse might actually be a camera? You and I are of the same vintage, and my Dad had a 'cine-camera' - early video camera - that looked a lot like this, right down to the handle on the top...