Sunday, August 26, 2007

my little charmer

When i pulled out these pictures that's what i thought. this child is a charmer. From the time he was tiny, the kid could charm anyone. He just has this way about him. And he can talk to anyone (or - as is evidenced in the photos)- anything LOL. The pictures look as if he's talking to his stuffed toys - and i actually recall him doing just that (and here he is perhaps maybe 3 months old? if that!). Over the years, i've told him on countless occasions he should be a lawyer or a politician - the kid can talk. (and argue any point for that matter). He of course has other ideas on that score (he's more into computer languages now) and that is fine by us.
Let's see - what did I use? Cardstock, that Making memories Boy patterned paper (its a really cute paisley that is nice boy paper) stampinup inks and probably my all time favorite Purple Onion alpha rubberstamps - Garamouche (a combo of the small and medium sizes i think)


June Houck said...

Another great page. I love that Paisley paper. You have chosen great dps for this album. Go Suzy!

Lisa Renéa said...

love the paisleys! What a cutie pie! Makes you wish you had one more day of that sweet babyness, kwim? oh those were the days...before they could talk back!!