Wednesday, August 22, 2007

my cutie pie

if you look close you can see the Doodlebug alpha cardstock stickers - attached with little brads. The patterned paper is Me & My Big Ideas.
You'll notice i don't mind including every picture i ever took of this child LOL! I know lots of scrapbooking people are very big into just picking the best photo to scrapbook but - not me! I use 'em all! Of course if a picture was very blurry or cutting off most of the subject i'm sure i wouldn't (but if i didnt have another photo - hey that blurry cut off photo would be on there too!) I have issues I guess. You know those photos they take in school every year? in the fall? Well here they also started taking them in the Spring (a good many years back i guess). Anyway i was annoyed. I knew that I would never be able to NOT by the pictures. They are of my child for heavensake! I just couldn't send them back to school saying "no thanks!". Okay, more tomorrow.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

oh what sweet pictures! you make me want to start finishing my kids albums - maybe we could have a race - LOL! beautiful!

June Houck said...

Oh, Tracy he really is a cutie pie!!! I mean that. Some people say all babies are beautiful. Not me...I guess I'm a meanie. I saw those other babies at the hospital; some not so cute.

Babsarella said...

I totally know what you mean...I buy them, sports, dance, religious events...gotta have them!!!