Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm back and I'm done

well i might journal a bit more here and there
but essentially I'm done with the Wedding Album
can i hear a Hallelujah?
Here are the last of the pages with photos

And here are the pages with a lot of memorabilia - shower invitations and cards, Pre-Cana stuff, wedding banns from the church bulletin, items from the reception venue; a swatch of faric from the bridesmaids dresses; receipt for my dress; receipt for my husbands ring; our receipts from our blood tests - you know that kinda thing. Yes, I'm a pack rat but for all pack rats everywhere - there's no better place to store your treasures than a scrapbook!
The only thing remaining is like i said a little journaling and actually purchasing a scrapbook to fill with all these pages. I saw a really pretty one the other day at AC Moore (it was a K&Company album. They make such pretty albums - especially for an extra special occasion like a Wedding album).
What else have i been up to? Well other than what you see on Small Smackerels - let's see. Yesterday i did a lot of cleaning in my room here. I also found a stack of my daughters artwork from elementary school. I know i put photos of some of them in her elementary school album but just to be on the safe side I took photos of all of them (it was a small stack - only the absolute musts I had to keep for her) and then put the originals in a page protector to add to that album. I'll get the pics printed and add that as well when i have a second.
While i was cleaning up in here I kept finding odds and ends - things that need to go on pages. Mostly memorabilia. My name should be Suzy the-pack-rat Scrapbooker okay. I threw those in my RTG file. Tomorrows project will be to get that RTG file back in order so I can actually work from it again - its trashed folks! In the interest of actually getting the cleaning up done around here, I couldnt get too fussy with how i put stuff into that file.
After that's done, I think I'm going to stick with my plan to work on my kids baby albums. I won't be as crazy as i was about getting them done as I was the wedding album. Afterall - the wedding album was pretty limited in its scope. A baby album for each kid will take a lot of time. Because I know it's just not "baby". It's really their lives up until they reach school.
And, as I'm sure all you parents know - that's some premium photo takin time.
It's gonna take a while but thats ok. I know I'm going to enjoy looking at those pictures again.


Lisa Renéa said...

Congrats Tracy, can you hear me applauding you?? I truly adore, how you've saved every scrip and scrap! What a beautiful keepsake for your children, too!

June Houck said...

Waahooo! Waahoo! Wahoo! I am practically jumping out of my chair in happiness for you. It is soooo great finishing up those big projects. Go, Suzy!

Donna Layton said...

So you're finished?? Wow, that's cool. Are you going to use the album your mom bought for you the other day??