Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little organization

I mentioned i'd be tidying up my Ready-to-go file.I planned on doing that yesterday - but best laid plans and all that.
My family likes to eat so i had to go to the grocery store .....
and then i had a little visit with my sister (and nephews) before they left today.
So this afternoon was the day to clean up that file and do a little more organizing.
Here's my RTG file - all tidied up. I had some StoreInStyle folders (they're big enough for 12x12 paper/cardstock) so i used those for dividers. I have slipped some stuff into the folders themselves (small items with no place to go kinda things - like movie ticket stubs). In between each section are those large ziplocs filled with items for a layout or series of layouts on a particular topic/event. If i have the photos i put them in the ziploc too. And when i have time i can pull out a bag and add paper, cardstock and embellishments. When the bag has all the elements - then its truly RTG!
So now at least thats back to being organized only now its even better - with dividers!
While i was on a roll I thought i'd organize all the finished layouts I have but have not put into albums as yet. That was a pretty big stack of layouts since I've made so much progress since I started this Suzy blog.
I had the stack in a pizza box. The box was overflowing and I've been asking my son (who works for a pizza chain) to bring me some more boxes. Well last night he finally remembered - which is good cos he will be leaving for school this weekend! He brought me about 10 boxes. My cat, Frankie is here posing with the boxes. I put some of the boxes together and got to work sorting the layouts.

And here they are. All sorted. When I finally decide what albums i want to put these in, they'll be ready to go. In the meantime I have a few empty, unconstructed boxes to to use as these fill up.
While i'm at it I thought i would show you my photo storage. This is most of my photos. There is another box of various and sundry photos but these are the bulk of the photos. I often wonder what I'll be doing with these boxes when I have finished putting all the pics into scrapbooks!

I'm wondering how does everyone else store their photos until they scrapbook them? I know some put them in albums (the kind with the divided up pages). How do you store yours?


June Houck said...

(Picture me doing a dance...or not, if it's too scary...singing,"go Tracy, go Tracy, go, go, go Tracy!)
The RTG file looks amazing. The pizza boxes are a cool idea, and lucky for you Frankie was there to supervise. And I finally got to see your craft room (well, a little bit of it, anyway!)
Wow...lots of photos. Your children are just a bit older than mine, and we are not so good about remembering our camera. I do have a couple of photo boxes like yours of stored and organized photos. They are filled with extras after I had already put copies in each of our albums (mine& Doug's, Julia's, and Kathryn's)and scrapbooked that month. I'm saving them for when the girls need baby photos for school projects, etc. and I won't have to pay to do more copies. There is a lot of money tied up in developing all those pics! I am trying to be smarter about it now. My current plan is to develop only the photos I want to put in the respective albums. When that is done, then I will choose my favorites from that month, and develop only those to scrapbook. I will probably still end up with an extra here or there that I decide won't work on the layout, but that does not happen too often. Right now I am still scrapbooking each month of their life (I am at Jan. 2004...they were 19 months old at that time), but once I get to ~ age 4 I'll probably skip a month here or there (especially since I know there are whole months when we never got the camera out...we are such bad parents!) The first 12 months I did each month AND some major events. But they change so fast when they are small, and I wanted to capture as much of it as I could back then. Now, they don't change so much from month to month. Does that work with Suzy philosophy?

Donna Layton said...

I wonder why I'm not a scrapper? When you think about it it's kinda strange that I'm not. I love the way you organize everything. It's so impressive. I REALLY need to organize all my photographs and all my mom's, grandma's, dad's and aunt's photographs. I've got all the valuable family photos which is actually kinda scary.