Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Wedding and fighting the boredom

it's been a few days - sorry about that. i wish i could say i've gotten lots more layouts done but it wasn't to be. I did manage to finally finish this one - been on my drawing table for days.
As i was working on this i was thinking i've gotten a bunch of these done but ya know i'm a little bored. It's a project i've been dying to work on but ... at the same time you can get worn out working on page after page of the same topic/theme.
It's almost the same as birthday or Christmas layouts although with birthdays - well you can change up the papers and embellishments right? And then the photos look different year to year too. The Christmas pages - same thing really - i have quite a collection of different kinds of papers etc - i don't think i'll get too bored.
Yeah i think in this instance - with a whole book of wedding - its the theme. And trying to get it done and over with. I imagine if I was working on a Disney album I might feel the same way. Generally with a themed album you try to use the same papers and embellishments throughout to create continuity. With that wonderful continuity - you get boredom.
I could put aside this wedding album. Work it the same way i work the rest of my Suzy schedule but I think I'd like to stick it out and work on it some more. I hope you'll all be patient with me while i work it!


June Houck said...

Each layout is a little different, but you've got that Tracy style I love for continuity (and those vellum flowers!) My unsolicited advice: go ahead and put these pages in the wedding scrapbook, and go to another theme in RTG for a little while. When you come back to wedding, maybe you will feel refreshed and RTG w/it :)
The layouts really look GREAT!!!

Donna Layton said...

I understand the boredom. I think that's why I go ahead and do my journal pages all completely different. Of course, an art journal is different from a scrapbook album. You can get by with a lot more "in the name of art!"
I'm fading. I'll be back tomorrow to finish. Then I need to catch up on the blogs of some of our other friends. Blogging is hard for me. I REALLY need to deal with this dial up thing. How many times have you heard that???? Love ya!