Tuesday, July 17, 2007


well i'm back.
i got to thinkin last night as i was uploading pictures that this is moving along very nicely. i know i was complaining a wee bit about being bored. But i took a look at the old album, and how much i've pulled out of there and how much i have left to go and i feel a little renewed. I'm making terrific progress!
I've also been thinking about my next big project - beginning my kid's baby albums. Actually anything before they began school really. And, if you are a parent - you know what that means - a ba-zillion photos.
It's almost a little scarey.
The mind boggles.
I should take a picture of the boxes and boxes of photos i have.
However i'm not going to dwell on it.
I really am looking forward to it.
I have put it off for so long.
Way back when i began scrapbooking I thought how do i even begin. I had a few friends who advised me to just jump in and start working on my kid's school albums.
And it worked out ok.
It was a place to start.
School stuff gets a little monotonous. Course you can get on a rolll - so much of it is the same that you can repeat certain motifs and layouts and it really works out nicely.
But you do get bogged down in looking at the same stuff all the time.
I'm thinking to prevent that monotony with the kid albums i may just skip around.
Revise my Suzy schedule a bit to reflect the narrowed topic.
Or i may just set it aside and work on another topic which could get a little boring - Holiday layouts.

I'll have to do more thinking on it. I want to be productive but i wanna enjoy it.
In the meantime here are a few more pages I made. I have three more pages on my table in a semi-ready state. I know how the pictures will be laid out. Tomorrow i'm visiting my sweet friend June who is letting me use her Quickutz flourish dies. I think those flourishes will be the perfect touch on these three pages!


KraftyKerilou said...

I am with you on this one...I have not done any school stuff in years!!!!!! Cody will begin 7 th grade in the fall!! I admire your determination!! Keri (Miss K-L)

June Houck said...

Oh, I agree...the flourishes will be perfect for that layout. I'm glad your energies are re-newed; you have accomplished a lot! I get overwhelmed with how far behind I am sometimes. I'll get a chance to work on one project, be glad I've caught up so much, then realize I'm that much further behind on everything else. It is nice to do a project that you actually finish, like a wedding album.

michelle cook infantino said...

good for you and all your progress.
nice classic layouts.
i'm still thinkin' of doing our wedding. i guess i'll do it when i get bored with taylor pages---i'm not so sure that will happen though. lol.