Thursday, June 14, 2007

Using stamps and lost & found

so i pulled these pics out of my RTG file and began to work on it yesterday. (i had to put the whole thing aside - these people actually wanna eat everyday - go fig!) I just finished it this morning in an unprecedented early morning scrap. Anyway....
I decided to use my Lizziebelle stamps from Purple Onion Designs as i thought they'd go nicely along the wave. The title was going to leave a very empty upper left hand side of the layout. As i was thinking about that little dilemma and playing with some quickutz beachy dies (i settled on the starfish as you can see) I recalled doing a tag a few years back that had a beachy theme. (yeah, i like the word "beachy" this morning). I dug through a shoebox i have filled with little projects hoping to find the tag. I can't always find what i'm looking for in this room despite all my best efforts at organizing. (Ask me where to find a particular brad or pencil - yeah i can tell you that - they've got a home - my drawings and little projects - well they're kind of here, there and everywhere, kwim?) Fortunately the tag was in the shoebox and i made an audible squeal - not only did i find the tag, but the color i remembered using on it was just so right. Problem solved.
I got to thinking i really should stop my practical ways of making things for certain projects. Lately it seems i'm not making things for the sake of making them - and i really should. It happens that i was able to use my lost and found tag - but if i hadn't made it in the first place i'd probably still be wondering what i'd be doin to fill that empty spot. Well this is a discussion I should save for small smackerels huh? ok. back to your regularly scheduled Suzy program....
As i said, I used my Lizziebelle stamps and stamped them with a turquoise ink (SU!) and colored them in with a white prismacolor. I'd tried a few different color inks on some scrap paper trying to decide which ink would work best and all-in-all i'm pleased with the results. I have to say I spent way more time on this layout than I've been spending - given my new Suzy philosophy. But every once in a while that's okay. I did feel much more Suzy in that i didn't agonize overy a single thing.
Okay - onward. Today is thursday so I'm gonna go check out what i have in the way of RTG page stuff on my kids.

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June Houck said...

I love it when the project just falls in place like that! Fun page, Tracy.