Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Different Kind of Album - Special Project

I mentioned the other day i was hoping to work on a special project over the weekend. And while i did a portion of it, I had to wait til yesterday and today to complete it. Since it was a birthday gift for the husband i needed him to be out of the house. He seems to pop up in my little room here at random times. Most of the time I don't even hear him approaching LOL. Stealth dh. (not really - its more like i get into my own little world and don't hear a thing. bombs could go off and i'd still be sitting in this chair happily working away on some project.)
Onto the gift.
I have noticed that since my husband took up golf he has these scorecards laying all over the house. I thought why not make a little album for him to store these? He can tape/glue them in when he comes home from playing golf. I think he'd like them all in one place (i know I would...) where he can review them - see how he's doing over the course of a year. (yes, he is an analytical sort).
Now a few months back I ordered a lovely little binding machine called a Bind-it-all . I had been looking for a binding machine that was affordable for years and this defnitely fit the bill. It had arrived a few weeks ago and i was wondering when i'd get an opportunity to try it out. And then I had my little brainstorm about the scorecard album.
I printed off pages for the inside: one side where he can make notes about the game he played and the right side where he can attach the scorecard. I used my Quickutz Studio font and golf dies and i think it came out cute as can be. (i wished i could think of another name for his album - it does seem a little juvenile - but then again he gets a little silly when he even thinks about playing golf. he loves it so). I'm looking forward to giving it to him tomorrow - i think it'll be a big hit.
Oh i should say the Bind-it-all was very easy to use. If you have one (or plan to get one) you just need to heed their advice and play with it before you use it on a real project. It really was worth the time i took playing with punching the holes & understanding how to make them line up correctly and using the different settings. With this book I cut two thickness of lightweight chipboard for the covers abd glued them together. Then i covered the covers with a colored paper (an old Making Memories watercolor collection blue! you can use up your old stuff!) - and then used a layer of Bazzill (the blue and a strip of green) on top of that. I know now i should have gone ahead and punched the holes at that point and embellished later (that white/green/title section got a little beaten up in the bind-it-all because it just got too thick).
Okay i'm off to the races - actually i have done the races already - i need a nap.


June Houck said...

He will love it! I don't think it juvenile...I think it is perfect. A neat and organized and fun way to keep those score cards. Great job!

Babsarella said...

Oh so TOTALLY ADORABLE!!! What a PERFECT GIFT!!! Yes, I still have my BIO in the box. I even brought the DVD to work to watch, but forgot the machine here could not handle a DVD. drat. I'd love any pointers you have to offer!!! Hope DH had a most HAPPY birthday!!

Linda M said...

This is such a cool idea and how fun to have that binding thingy. What is this site? Are you a guest author here?

Tracy said...

no lindalou i'm the only author here :-)