Saturday, March 13, 2010


i've been spending a lot of time in my off hours scanning negatives.
my husband gave me the film and slide converter I'd asked for as a christmas gift. It took me months to get a chance to use it - but once i got started i've been a scanning fool. now i've got a ton of old photos scanned in and ready to print when i need them. For me - having these negatives scanned and in my computer served a few purposes. #1 - if anything happens to the negatives i know i've got another source for these memories. #2 - it's nice to have the ability to just quickly go to my computer files and pull up these photos instead of going thru the negatives. #3 - it's a heck of a lot easier to get prints made from the digital version than the negative. Remember the old days when you had to take your rolls of film or negatives to be printed... then wait? I've gotten so spoiled - just upload to Costco, order prints and have my prints the same day or the next.
Maybe for some people all the effort scanning wouldn't be worth it but to me - it's wonderful and worth the time. I'm still working on baby albums. And i've got a scrapbook project (other than my kids albums) that i'm going to be working on (a gift) - i needed to go thru a lot of these negatives to find pics. Now that's done.
The film and slide converter my husband bought me is a great little tool. I'll be able to use it when i one day tackle converting my grandparents slides to digital (that will be an undertaking of major proportions!). The only thing i wished i could convert is my 110 film. I've got a lot of 110 negatives.
As far as what i've been scrapbooking of late: graduation photos for both my kids, some random photos of my inlaws house. I need to get started with my daughter's baby album - that's the next ongoing project i'm starting. Maybe then i'll post some layouts. need to add a little pictorial to this blog!


Babsarella said...

What a terrific tool!!! I might need to get one of these as well!!

Cathy said...

I want to buy a slide/negative converter and would sure appreciate it if you would tell me what brand you have, you sound as if you're really pleased!
I enjoyed reading your blog, hope to get time to read older posts.
Thanks, Cathy