Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paperclipping Roundtable

It's been a long time since I've posted but here I am. I haven't stopped scrapbooking at all. There was a time, due to work committments, I had to put it on hold a little - but rest assured Suzy lives.
I've wanted to blog here for quite a while but decided time was better spent working on pages etc.
So why am I here today? Well I don't know about you but I scrap better with accompaniment in the form of music, tv shows, or podcasts. (I always studied this way too - gotta have some background noise!) I recently found "The Paperclipping Roundtable". It's a podcast I download via itunes. They have a new show every Wednesday and have some regular members as well as guests. Scrapbooking type folks - like Stacy Julian and Ali Edwards. I've enjoyed listening, for the most part. My only - i hesitate to use the word - complaint - is the endless references to "the industry". The members are part of "the industry" yet want to reassure listeners they are "just regular scrapbookers". It is a bit tiresome. I think we can just say - they work in the biz - and move on. Get back to talking about scrapbooking.
Which in today's episode they did!
I really enjoyed listening to the discussion of tools (always a fun topic for scrapbookers!) Hearing the members talk about the tools they've bought that were stinkers (frank and funny comments) as well as tools they'd like to buy: Renee Pearson telling how she'd like to have a Slice - Lain saying she loved her Slice so much she got rid of her Silhouette and the other members chime in with "ooooooooooo" - it was like listening to a group of your friends talking at a crop. And for me, today's show was just what I was looking for in a scrapbooking podcast just for that reason. There was information and fun girl chat (Izzy - the lone male member- notwithstanding - who, by the way is very entertaining himself).
I'd like to also mention that in addition to a weekly topic, there are segments for scrapbook industry news and product picks to round out the show.
So - if you haven't listened to the Paperclipping Roundtable, check it out. Dowload via itunes (or you can listen here.
Ok... hoping to be back soon to update on my scrapbooking progress!

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