Friday, May 9, 2008

Whilst I wait....

and wait and wait... sheesh you'd think they'd tell you when you order that its not in stock. I am a fairly patient person but when I order I like to know in advance I'll be waiting kwim?
So I'm while I'm waiting for my Photo Freedom I decided to finish up some layouts I started a bit ago.
You'll note I took the pics of the layouts before I did any journalling. I trust you can use your imagination on that ok?

Nothing spectacular but I tell you it is very fun to actually USE all this stuff I've bought over the years and even more fun to find out the colors etc all go very nicely together. I guess I am consistent in buying what I like and I like the same colors etc no matter the year!
Another thing I've noticed is that regardless of the poor photography, I love these pictures. They won't win any awards but they're real yaknow? The one of my husband, his Dad and my son - the Joe Boys -I just love this picture. I had t-shirts made for them for Christmas and I knew it was going to be one of those pictures we'd look back on later. My father-in-law was just so proud of his namesake as was my husband. (I think I hear Paul Anka singing "The Times of Your Life" right now... do you hear it too? ;-))
Okay that's enough for tonight. I'll keep you posted as to the arrival of my book!
edited to add - gee the pics I took of the pages really are blurry - sorry about that - the photos really aren't that bad at all.


michelle cook infantino said...

You are scrapping again. Yay!

I love all these old photos. This is really what this hobby is all about.

I have some old photos of me when I was a wee one. I'm waiting for the perfect page and pic of Taylor to show our similiarites at the same age. I love those old photos. They are priceless and show the times accurately. It's even cool to see how camera technology has changed.

Love the joe boys page. Love it.

June Houck said...

Wahoo! You go girl! Go Tracy, go Tracy :)